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Car Insurance

Car Insurance is the law.  It is important to get at least 3 quotes from different insurance companies.

If you get stopped by a police officer while driving, the officer will ask for:

1. Driver's Licence

2. Vehicle Registration

3. Proof of Car Insurance

Buying Car Insurance


When calling, the insurance company will ask you for information such as, your address, the make and model of the vehicle you wish to insure and the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of the vehicle. 


Yes, hi, I would like to get a quote for car insurance.

  • Will I get a discount if I have winter tires?

  • I work 15 kilometres from my home.  Will that make a difference in the amount?

  • What will this insurance cover? 

  • Does this insurance policy cover first time accident forgiveness provisions?

  • Do you offer bundle discounts?

  • Can I add on my wife/teenager to my existing insurance?

  • Can I get fire and theft coverage for a car I do not drive?

Reducing Car Insurance

  • Can I speak to someone to have my car insurance reduced?

  • What information will you need from me?

  • Is that the best price you can offer me?

  • What will my monthly/yearly  payment be with the discount?

Temporarily Taking Your Car off Car Insurance 

  • Can I take my car off insurance for now?

  • I am going on vacation, can I take my car off insurance for now?

  • I work from home now, can I take my car off insurance?

  • How much of a savings will that be?

  • How much will I pay for only one car insurance?

Principal Driver - The person who drives the car the most

Additional Driver - Person who may use the car as part of their routine   

Occasional Driver - Only uses the car from time to time



  • Did you explain what information you needed?

  • Did you give all the necessary details?

  • Did you ask all the questions?

  • Did you repeat back all the important information?  (insurance brokers name -date - monthly amount - yearly amount)

  • Did you thank the other person for their help and information?  

      Thank you for all you help.  I will get some more quotes from other car insurance providers and may call you back.


      Could I have your name and direct phone number please.  Thank you for your assistance and I appreciate your time.

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